We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see when the new and improved Casa Bonita will be officially opening its doors here in Colorado.

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Back in 2021, the famous “eatertainment” restaurant owners filed for bankruptcy. Amidst a public outcry for the restaurant to not be shuttered for good, legendary Coloradans Trey Parker and Matt Stone bought it and started to restore the experience.

They famously featured it on South Park back in 2003. It gave the restaurant a huge boost in popularity across the country.

The comedy duo have also enlisted a three-time James Beard Award nominee in Dana Rodriquez to serve as the head chef.

Truly, the hype has been insurmountable for the newest edition of Casa Bonita, and for good reason.

The New Casa Bonita Has Been in Development for Years

Getty Images // Frazer Harrison
Getty Images // Frazer Harrison

After it was bought, Parker and Stone got to work looking to make some renovations to the historic landmark.

Little did they know, the project would cost them upwards of $40 million and multiple years for them to be able to get it to completion.

Back in early 2023, Casa Bonita began a lengthy soft opening process.

To be able to get a table and enjoy the shows, you needed to be on an email list that would essentially give people a golden ticket to grab a table.

Now, to this day, that is still the method that is being used.

However, that may not be the case for much longer.

Casa Bonita Could Open Reservations for General Public Later This Summer

As this lengthy process has come along, a documentary has been in the works that’s about the troubles of reopening such a legendary spot.

With the documentary about to release, Parker and Stone have dropped an absolute bomb.

In an interview with The Denver Post, they said they are looking to open up reservations for the general public by late summer.

That would completely eliminate the lottery system currently found at Casa Bonita.

Yes, while the restaurant has served over 150,000 people over the past year, so many more people will finally be able to experience the historic Colorado restaurant yet again.

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