Restaurant and fast food prices not just in Colorado, but nationwide, have skyrocketed in recent years. Is McDonald's looking to introduce a new value meal option that's a little lighter on the wallet?

McDonald's Working On New Value Meal Options?


Let's be real, things seem to be getting more expensive by the day, especially in the restaurant and food department. I saw a meme the other day with an old McDonald's menu board, and you could just about get anything on the menu for under $5.

Nowadays, when you hit just about any fast food joint, you're looking to pay at least $10 for a meal, right? It's still hard to get used to a $60 tab at a fast food joint when taking the whole family out to eat.

The bottom line is that some fast food places are out-pricing themselves, and the slowdown in regular customers has been enough to make one of the fast food giants potentially make a major change.

$5 Value Meals Coming To McDonald's?


After being publically called out recently by its customers for having a "Dollar Menu" without a single item costing $1, and the chain becoming more expensive than ever, it seems like the head honchos at McDonald's are listening and are reportedly working to introduce a new value meal menu.

It's now being reported that three new "$5 Value Meals" could be coming to a McDonald's near you soon. While a source in the report said that franchises originally declined the proposal for cheaper meals, Coca-Cola has stepped in to make the deal more attractive to the franchise owners.

Obviously, the different franchise owners want to make as much as possible to offset the higher operation costs, higher wages, and food costs, and creating options for the customer to spend less money is counterproductive.

What Are McDonald's New $5 Value Meals?


$5 meal options are rumored to include a Hot & Spicy McChicken, McDouble, or a four-piece Chicken McNuggets, small fries, and a drink all for $5.

Will we soon see cheaper meal options at McDonald's like we see at Wendy's and Burger King? It seems more likely which is a great thing for families looking to eat out without breaking the bank. In the meantime, most fast-food restaurants have apps with ways to save money immediately, so take advantage of these offers that are already available to help you save.

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