An important water resource, as well as a popular recreation area in Northern Colorado, Carter Lake has been around since the early 1950's. Thousands and thousands of people use the reservoir every year; do they know whom it's named after?

Maybe you and your family have camped at Carter Lake; maybe you've fished on it or along the shoreline. Many have taken their motorcycles for rides up to Carter Lake and a stop at the locally famous Windjammer Road House.

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Carter Lake has been named so ever since it was created as a reservoir in 1952. It was part of the New Deal, where the Bureau of Reclamation was tasked with bringing water from the Continental Divide to Northern Colorado for irrigation. In 1937 plans began to put this reservoir in, where wetlands were, west of Loveland.


They didn't begin the Carter Lake reservoir project until work was complete on Horsetooth Reservoir, which concluded in 1949. The nearly $4 million Carter Lake project officially began in 1950; the 112, 238 acre-feet capacity reservoir began filing in 1952 with water from Flatiron Reservoir, via a 1.4 mile pressure tunnel.

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The was a small natural lake where Carter Lake resides today, it was Blore Lake. There isn't much information on that lake, since it was engulfed by the new lake. The majority of the "footprint" for the new lake was at one time wetlands owned by a homesteader named Matthew Carter; they called the area Carter's Glade. Today, it's Carter Lake.

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