Just a few days into April and already the inspection train driven by the Larimer County Department of Health has uncovered a few doozies, requiring a "re-inspection" at a later date. Point of clarification: they do not actually drive a real train.

As a reminder, restaurants in Larimer County are no longer rated or graded with feedback like "excellent," "good" or "fair." As of Jan. 1, 2020, they are simply allowed up to 49 points worth of violations to "pass." 50-109 points earn them another try at a "re-inspection," and anything over 110 earns them an immediate "closure."

While the vast majority of the establishments inspected in the last 30 days or so have earned passing grades on their first try, a couple notable restaurants have not.

Silver Mine Subs on South Mason in Fort Collins was inspected on April 3 and given a "re-inspection required" notice, due to a handful of infractions during the walk through.

Some had to do with restaurant staff policies - paperwork technicalities - but some were related to improper temperatures of food to be served, broken plumbing, improperly marked dates on when foods were prepped and/or when they needed to be discarded and a few items needing repair to effectively keep pests and rodents out of the restaurant.

The other Larimer County establishment not earning a pass was McGraff's American Grill on Eisenhower in Loveland.

Their report included many of the same infractions with regard to hand washing station accessibility, improper holding temps and improperly marked dates on pre-prepared foods. Additionally, there were a handful of infractions around sanitization practices of equipment, utensils and prep areas.

All establishments have a chance to correct their infractions before being re-inspected and ultimately earning a passing grade.

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