Denver International Airport joins the list of airports that have been involved with Boeing planes "falling apart" in some fashion. It's not a great list to be on, and the video is pretty scary.

If you have a flight out of DIA coming up, will you be seeing if it'll be on a Boeing plane?

Imaging being on this plane, that was headed to Houston, and hearing someone saying that the engine was falling apart. It had to be a scary situation for not only the passengers, but the crew.

A lot of people on the flight were probably headed to Texas for the Total Solar Eclipse, but found more excitement than they bargained for when the cover of one of the engines began tearing off.

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When I hear about a story like this, I always flash to that classic "Twilight Zone" episode where William Shatner's character sees a monster outside on the wing of a plane that's in the air, tearing the wing apart.

With this situation, according to 9News, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 jet was in the air for about 10-15 minutes when things started going bad. Luckily, things didn't go horribly wrong, but they could have.

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In the video from the flight, the plane is already back on the tarmac at DIA coming to a stop, when a big portion of the engine cover flies off. Who knows what could have happened if that had taken place while they were in the air?

None of the crew or 143 passengers were injured, other than being scared.

It's definitely not as scary as when that door flew off the Alaskan Airlines flight, in January of 2024, but anytime there's "something wrong with the plane," is never a fun experience.

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