Based in Colorado, "South Park" premiered in 1997, bringing a group of third (now fourth) graders into our lives with a ton of laughs.

They've tested the boundaries many times, but there's a big blunder in one episode that is nearly unforgivable.

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone are Colorado icons. Not only did they create one of the best animated shows, ever, but they are also owners of Denver's famous Casa Bonita. Everybody seems to like these guys as much as they love "South Park."

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There have been some very, very good episodes; there have been some "they can do better" episodes, and there have been episodes that test the boundaries of decency.

One notable episode involves Cartman serving a very questionable chili. You see an episode like that, and you know that "South Park" is out to shock, as well as get laughs.

Having produced well over 300 episodes of the comedy, it's easy to maybe overlook something in an episode or two. One episode has a blunder so big, that every time I see it, I wonder how it happened. Or was it done on purpose?


It's from season 18, episode 2. "Gluten-Free Ebola," which aired for the first time in 2014. The episode was written by none other than Trey Parker himself, which makes the blunder stand out even more.


The episode with the blunder centers around how Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are trying to get back in the good graces of everyone, after blowing them off in the previous episode (the hilarious "Go Fund Yourself" episode.)

The boys want to throw a party for Scott Malkinson, who has diabetes. Their timing is bad, as the town is freaking out over Gluten, however. So, the boys go on the radio to announce that they're putting the party off.  That's where the blunder comes in.


It's about the radio station: It's wrong. You could say the radio station is wrong in two ways, even.

First off, the call sign for the station starts with a "W." Being a radio station in Colorado, west of the Mississippi River, the call sign should start with a "K."  This seems like something Trey would know.

The second problem is that the station is 'WSPIC' - It has too many letters (it should only have four,) and the last four letters spell an ethnic slur. It seems very, very unnecessary.

You can check out the scene, at 17:30, HERE.

I can see it's just easier to make up a 5-letter radio station name than to deal with the hassle of not using one that's already taken, but to not use a K, and to use spic at the end, are both very, very big blunders.

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