McManus was picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars on May 25, 2023, for a one-year contract.


It's news that's knocking many Denver Broncos fans off their feet: Longtime, "clutch" kicker Brandon McManus is out. Why? Where will he go? Who will be Denver's kicker, now? There are a lot of questions about this one.

McManus' departure officially ends the legacy of the team that won Super Bowl 50 as McManus was the only player from that team still with the Broncos. Will Denver's next kicker be as reliable in tough situations? Nine seasons, for a placekicker seems so short, though he's not done. Many Broncos fans will be keeping a sharp eye on who they decide to pick up where Brandon left off.

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With a new Head Coach, comes changes. Not many would have thought that Sean Payton's changes as the Broncos new Head Coach would include releasing Brandon McManus.

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When you look back at that horrible 2022 season, you'll find that the Broncos counted on McManus a lot. 13 times that season, Denver brought McManus out to attempt a kick of over 50 yards; he only missed five of those 13. The man has been reliable and calm under pressure.

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McManus' last contract had him staying with the Broncos until 2025; he received a $6.5 signing bonus and was scheduled to receive $3,750,000 for the 2023-2024 season. Obviously, nobody's worried that McManus will go hungry, but why let the man go?


Of the Top 10 kickers that Denver has had, Brandon comes in at #7 on that list (Jason Elam is at #1.) The kicker that McManus replaced when joining the team in 2014, was Matt Prater. Prater sits at #24 of 25 total.   Where will the next Denver kicker end up on the list?

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