Yes, "The Big Man" is known for his enjoyment of milk and cookies while he delivers all those toys across the world, but Colorado has one restaurant that he'd probably love a meal at.

I would like to think that Santa really likes a great meal - either before the Christmas Eve run (to build up his energy) or after (to celebrate a job well done.) Mrs. Claus probably enjoys a night out, as well. Why not check out a restaurant that's probably right up Kris Kringle's alley?

Colorado Restaurant for Santa

Bringing all those toys to good boys and girls puts a smile on Santa's face, much like the enjoyment of a very satisfying meal. Cookies and milk can only go so far, right?

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It occurred to me, that this restaurant in Windsor, Colorado definitely should be on Santa's radar. Hint: How does Santa get those presents under the three?


In the heart of Downtown Windsor, is a restaurant that has been around since 2007, in a building that dates back to the late 1800s. It's a somewhat "upscale" restaurant, but I'm sure Santa and Mrs. Claus will be OK with that.


The restaurant in Colorado that Santa should dine at is Chimney Park. "Chimney," it's perfect, isn't it?

Plus, Chimney Park is a multi-award-winning restaurant from owner/chef Jason Shaeffer, who also owns and runs Windsor's popular Hearth restaurant, which is just a couple of blocks away from Chimney Park.


Chimney Park gets its name from Windsor's own Chimney Park, which in turn was named after the Great Western Sugar Company's chimney. That chimney served the company for 65 years.

I imagine Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting down for a delightful dinner; perhaps featuring some New England sea scallops and a big Angus beef tenderloin.

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