When planning a special night out in Denver, hitting up a great bar can make that night perfect. Esquire magazine has a couple from the Mile High City on their list of the best bars you can find in the U.S.

To be on the list, the bar has to be "about more than the drinks," Esquire states. That makes each of these Denver bars a "must visit," when you're in the city. When you think about all the bars that Denver has, these must be exceptionally cool to make the list.

At one, you might feel like you're about to take flight; at the other, it may feel more like an old den.

It's gotta be a tough job: Checking out bars across America to determine which will make the list of 42 deemed "Best" for each year, but the Esquire team is up for it.

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One note: the hardcopy edition for Summer 2024, includes only 22 bars, one in Denver; the online version of the list includes all 42. It must be a sign of the times, less pages equals more profits.

In an issue that talks about Dads, and includes a very interesting article about Slap Fighting, the summer Esquire also includes the Best Bars in America. There's definitely a connection to bars and slapping, though they do not intersect in the magazine.

Pair of Bars in Denver Make 2024 List of Esquire's Best Bars in America


Traveling mercies are how you wish someone well on their journey; which makes complete sense as this cocktail and oyster bar resides in a refurbished 140,000 square-foot building that was once home to Stanley Aviation: The Stanley Marketplace, in Aurora.

Esquire's suggestion:

A salty, sake-infused oyster shooter to start, a couple of bone-dry sherry-and-gin martinis, a dozen oysters, and an ice-cold shrimp cocktail.


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  • Bar #2  -- SUNDAY VINYL

Sunday Vinyl is in Denver along 16th Street. Its concept is that of a European wine bar, and named in honor of a ritual that the restauranteur and Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and his wife have had, of enjoying a bottle of wine and a vinyl record, on Sunday evenings.

If you're looking for fantastic wine options and delicious food, bring your wallet and make a reservation for this place.

Esquire's suggestion:

...pop in for some tuna tartare and a pét-nat or a martini with a little bump of caviar.

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