If you are planning on traveling to somebody else's home for Thanksgiving in Colorado this year, make sure to leave early.

If you are planning on heading to Denver International Airport, leave even earlier because traveling will be a bit of a nightmare. No, we aren't expecting any snow or anything. We are expecting to see a ton of people on the roads, highways, and airports.

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Colorado Traffic to Skyrocket


AAA says that more people are traveling this Thanksgiving since they started tracking holiday travel 23 years ago. AAA predicts that over 55 million Americans will travel to another household to binge-eat turkey and try to stay awake to watch the Cowboys play.

Random note: Can we change the NFL's tradition of the Dallas Cowboys playing every Thanksgiving? We all hate the Cowboys in Colorado, right?

Thankfully, there will be more games than the Cowboys, but the roads will be stuffed more heavily than your stomach post-dinner.

Busiest Day and Time for Thanksgiving Travel


AAA says that Wednesday, November 22, will have the highest volume of traffic. Roads will be 80% busier the day before Thanksgiving. Specifically, the roads will be busiest from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

On Thanksgiving day, the roads will be busiest from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Denver International Airport Expected to Be Crazy Busy


49.1 million Americans will be traveling by car, and 4.7 million people will fly for Thanksgiving. The busiest day for travel will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, if you are planning on visiting your Aunt Mimi in Baton Rouge on those days, make sure to arrive at the airport at least two hours early.

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