The reintroduction of wolves to Colorado has been a politically charged issue. Wolves were officially reintroduced in December 2023. One side of the argument is that wolves deserve to live in Colorado.

Some Coloradans believe that the wolf reintroduction will balance our ecosystem.

On the other hand, wolves are natural predators. The safety of livestock is a primary reason why many Coloradans are against the reintroduction. Ranchers sued the state of Colorado because of the issue.

Colorado is expected to spend $4.6 million on the effort.

Wolf Attacks in Colorado


A calf was killed by a wolf in Grand County in early April.

Just one week later, another calf was attacked and killed in Jackson County. Here is what Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

The field investigation found injuries on a dead calf consistent with wolf depredation, including a partially consumed hindquarter. Partial wolf tracks were also found in the same area.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife also said the attack occurred on Sunday. Their investigation revealed a wolf was responsible for the incident. They noted that the rancher might be entitled to compensation if they make a claim.

Ranchers in Colorado Are Concerned


Ranchers across Colorado should be on their toes and taking precautions to protect their livestock.

Are you a rancher? We would like to know your thoughts, worries, and concerns. Send us a message.

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Wolves were reintroduced just three months ago and ranchers are trying to find solutions.

9News says that Colorado Parks and Wildlife is tracking the wolves and any incidents that happen.

The debate about whether or not wolves should have been reintroduced will continue for years to come. The wolves are not going anywhere and we will have to explore options for keeping our livestock safe.

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