Working in law enforcement is a difficult job. Is being a police officer easy in Colorado compared to other states?

When you’re a police officer your safety is at risk, you are trying to negotiate difficult situations, and quickly frankly you will deal with a lot of difficult people.

Being a police officer is in fact easier and more difficult depending on where the officer works. Think about it this way, the stress level of an officer in Denver is likely much higher than an officer in Nunn.

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Being an officer in Fort Collins most likely comes with more twists and turns than if they worked in Gleneagle. You get the point.

Life for Colorado Cops: The Numbers


Colorado happens to be a good career path for police officers and other law enforcement. WalletHub looked at the best and worst states for police officers.

They considered 30 factors based on opportunity and creation, training requirements, and the hazards of being a police officer.

According to the 30 metrics Colorado is the fifth-best state in the nation to be a police officer.

Why Colorado is Great For Law Enforcement

Colorado's highest-ranked factor was opportunity and competition. This means that there are more job opportunities compared to other states as well as good salaries and a high volume of officers.

Colorado has better training than most other states for police officers. Law enforcement has higher standards for their police officers, which include educational and training requirements. This also includes more focus on mental health and behavioral training.

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