Who is ready for 2024? It seems strange. 2023 felt like it flew by way too fast for me, but I am feeling extremely optimistic and excited for what the new year can be.

Although I love it when it snows in Northern Colorado, the idea of snow makes me nervous around New Year's. Unfortunately, roads are already typically dangerous due to impaired drivers. Last year, there were nearly 600 fatal crashes on New Year's Eve across the country.

Coloradans will already be on edge on the roads. We do not need to add unsafe road conditions to the mix.

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We had about an inch and a half of snow on Thanksgiving in Northern Colorado. Some parts of Colorado snowed on Christmas. Will it snow as we ring in the new year?

What the Colorado Forecast Says


Currently, there are no reports of snow in Northern Colorado for New Year’s Eve or the first official day of 2024.

The weather in Northern Colorado has been extremely dry for the past few days and it will continue that way while we drink champagne and count down from ten at the top of our lungs.

But don’t hold your breath because snow should be coming to Northern Colorado very early in 2024.

When Northern Colorado Snow Could Arrive


According to Denver & Front Range Weather, snow on January 2 is possible. This means that yes, roads will be safe from a conditions standpoint.

Of course, these are predictions, and the weather is always subject to change. I believe this is the best possible scenario. We get the perks of enjoying snow and the roads will be safe on what is typically an unsafe night to drive.

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