The odd mirror-like monolith that appeared on June 23 in Bellvue has been causing quite a stir in Colorado. Many people have flocked to the area just to catch a glimpse of the mysterious monolith.

Jason Junker - Facebook
Jason Junker - Facebook

The monolith appeared near Noose Yoghurt atop a hill and no one knows where it came from. Facebook groups and Reddit users posted about the monolith the day it appeared. According to the Coloradoan, the monolith is no longer.

Mysterious Monolith Torn Down in Northern Colorado

The final decision to remove it was the overwhelming influx of people who came to see it.

Lori Graves, the landowner, told the Coloradoan.

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While the monolith has been good for business at the Howling Cow Cafe, it has been a little too much in such a short span of time with all the people. Graves also told the Coloradoan that if the creator of the monolith would like to have it back, they could email the cafe. Otherwise, the landowners are not really sure what they are going to do with it.


The monolith was taken down by taking a grinder to the bolts that held it onto a concrete slab and using a front-end loader equipped with forks to haul the monolith away.  Hopefully, it was not erected by aliens, because I am pretty sure they wouldn't be emailing the Howling Cow Cafe in Bellvue, Colorado to retrieve the mysterious mirrored monolith from Northern Colorado.

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