It looks like there will be major changes to how you get your groceries in Colorado in 2024.

We all have our favorite grocery store. As a creature of habit, I go to my King Soopers on North College Avenue in Fort Collins and Walmart on East Magnolia in Fort Collins.

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Many of us have memorized where our favorite foods are. Life is easy when you know what to expect whenever you go shopping.

Many Colorado favorite grocery stores will be shutting down and changing in 2024.

Kroger and Albertsons Merger

The Kroger Co. Corporate Headquarters
Scott Olson

In 2023, Kroger and Albertsons announced that they were merging. Albertsons is branding differently across Colorado. You probably recognize Albertsons branded grocery stores to be King Soopers, Safeway, and City Markets.

These stores will be under new ownership so expect a ton of changes.

What Will Be Closing in Colorado in 2024


According to Finance Buzz, Colorado will be affected by this change. There are only two Albertsons locations. They will be either rebranding or completely closing down.

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As mentioned earlier, Kroger and Albertson's are home to a lot of different brands. They could all be affected by these changes. There are reports that King Soopers could rebrand to Piggly Wiggly across all of Colorado.

Experts believe that many stores in Colorado will be closing down stores across the Centennial State.

The merger is expected to be finalized on January 17th, but there is still hope for things to stay the same.

The federal government could still block the merger and closings altogether.

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