An important part of yoga involves coming to class with an open mind and heart, ready to take in the energy of those around you. But what if those around you have four legs, adorable faces, and extremely cute personalities? The vibes are that much better!

Fortunately for yogis in Colorado, there are quite a few chances to participate in classes alongside puppies, goats, and even pigs.

If canine companionship is the category calling out to you, there are lots of opportunities to paws and reflect. Bounce Animal Rescue occasionally hosts all-level puppy yoga classes in Northern Colorado. Rescue Puppy Yoga offers classes throughout the state nearly every weekend, with a plethora of sweet pooches on-site at each event. Other shelters around Colorado host similar yoga classes featuring adoptable puppies. There's no better way to practice posing in downward dog than with a bunch of dogs, right? But be warned, some yogis may go home with more than just a good stretch.

Like dogs, goats can also provide a sense of calmness, comfort, and pure joy while present during a yoga session. Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga hosts indoor and outdoor classes in multiple cities across Colorado, including Fort Collins. These kids love to get involved, sometimes climbing right on top of peoples' backs. Guests of all ages enjoy the gift of practicing yoga amongst these cute and innocent goats. Not a baaaaad way to spend an hour!

The newest trend in animal yoga is so stinkin' sweet. Thanks to Colorado's Hog Haven Farm, pig yoga is now being offered this summer. The rescued pigs are a precious addition to any yoga practice and ticket proceeds go towards supporting the non-profit sanctuary near Denver. Yogis can participate in the next class on June 24 at Colorado Cider Company. Guests are encouraged to stay afterward to hang out with the snouts on-site. More events will be announced for the summer.

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