Every dog owner that I know takes a lot of time training their dogs. Colorado is an extremely dog-friendly state. Dogs are basically allowed everywhere and I find that pretty awesome.

Most dogs are well-mannered. Many owners train their dogs so well that they have better manners than people do. However, there is one major problem with dogs in Denver. They hate postal workers.

Denver Dogs Rated Amongst Worst


Even the most well-behaved pups have a conflicted relationship with mail carriers and postal workers. I remember my grandparent's three dachshunds going absolutely bananas whenever the mailman would come to the front of their house.

A UPS worker? Forget it. There was no way that door was going to be opened.

Denver was ranked one of the worst cities to be a mail carrier because of dog attacks. In 2023, there were 21 reported dog attacks.

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We assume there were a lot more attacks and confrontations that were not officially reported.

Why Colorado Dogs Hate Postal Workers


It makes complete sense as to why dogs in Denver dislike postal workers. At the end of the day dogs, like many animals, are territorial and want to defend their home and family.

Dogs in every state, city, and town dislike postal workers. It is a fair assumption that Denver is on the list because of its high population. We are not saying that dog owners in Denver are irresponsible or bad dog parents, we are saying that this is common across the country.

But if you live in Colorado you should train your dog to not be aggressive in any way, shape, or form.

The official ranking is below.

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