As an owner of a dog, I can tell you right now, I spoil my pup. She is our entire world and we love her very much. Our dog eats better than we do and I know for a fact that I put our pup's health before mine. I don't consider care like that spoiling my dog.


It seems like almost every time we leave the house to do our daily or weekly errands, my wife and I come with a new toy for her. She even has her very own toy box to keep all of her goodies in. My dog also has her very own special jar of peanut butter that is reserved just for her.

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Forbes recently did a study on which states spoil their dogs the most and it should be no surprise that Colorado ranks as one of the best states for dogs being spoiled in the United States.


While Colorado ranked pretty high on the list, we only tied for fourth place with Illinois.

How do Coloradans spoil their dogs?

Forbes says that both Colorado and Illinois are the fourth most likely to throw a birthday party for their dogs. 51 percent of Colorado dog owners are also likely to order a special treat at a restaurant... Does ordering a Paw Bender at Good Times count? Because I am totally guilty of doing this.

While I may have a large breed dog, that doesn't stop Colorado dog owners from taking their tiny pups out in style. 26.5 percent of Colorado dog owners say that they have pushed their dogs in a stroller. Half of all Colorado dog owners admit to spending more money on their dogs and grooming than they do on their own. Like I said before, totally guilty of this.

While Forbes may have listed Colorado as one of the top states where owners spoil their dogs, Florida came in first place. I have a hard time with this ruling. I spent a few years in Florida and saw some pretty terrible things happen involving abuse, neglect, and other awful things. Maybe it was just random, but some of those things I saw are burned into my memory for a lifetime.

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