We all know that the roads in Colorado can be frustrating. Due to the harsh weather conditions, our roads and highways deteriorate much quicker compared to other states.

I hit three potholes on my way to work this morning. Also, it feels like every mile I drive I have to dodge at least one nail, screw, or an object I do not recognize on the road.

Roads in Colorado keep us all on our toes. But do we have the worst roads in the nation? The answer will surprise you.

Colorado's Roads and Highways Ranked


There is a lot of data and things to consider when coming up with the ranking for the best and worst roads in America.

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Consumer Affairs looked into how much each state invests in its roads, traffic data, and quality to decide which states were the best and worst.

Colorado has the 14th worst roads in the country.

Looking At Colorado's Roads


The overall roughness score in both rural and suburban areas was categorized in the poor section. That is not a surprise for any of us.

The reason why Colorado was ranked higher than we assumed was because Colorado has been investing a lot of money into improving and maintaining our roads and highways.

Colorado spends over $4 billion on road expenditures annually, according to Consumer Affairs.

Our roads stink, but we are working hard to improve them.

Best and Worst Roads in the Country

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