There is nothing quite like a perfect burger from your favorite restaurant. Remember the good ol' days when a burger used to be an economical item to order from the menu when you went out to eat? Yeah, so do we. Nowadays, you'd be lucky to find a lunch combo from a drive-thru for less than $10.


It seems as if everything has gone up in price over the past couple of years. Inflation, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and more are all in part to blame for the higher cost of pretty much everything we purchase in 2023.

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How Much Have Burger Prices Risen in Colorado?

According to the Colorado Sun, burger prices have shot up quite a bit since January 2020. Over the past few years, you can see, on average, a 28.2 percent increase in burger prices in Colorado restaurants. In Colorado, consumers can expect to pay approximately $15, including tax, for a your basic, no-frills hamburger.

The increased costs of a burger's ingredients in Colorado since January 2020.

  • Beef: 43 percent increase
  • Buns: 40 percent increase
  • Lettuce: 85 increase
  • Cheese: 79 percent increase


Now add the increased costs of labor, utilities, equipment and maintenance, and the use of plastic gloves, and you have one expensive hamburger. The Colorado Sun states that if restaurants wanted to make the same margin on burgers as they did in January 2020, the average cost of a hamburger would need to be $22. Yikes.


If you think $15 for a hamburger at a restaurant is expensive, we've got some not-so-great news for you as you are likely going to see even higher prices come 2024. Nearly 86 percent of the members of the Colorado Restaurant Association and Foundation say that prices will increase yet again when Colorado's minimum wage increases 5.6 percent from $13.65 to $14.42 in 2024.

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