We have been seeing many businesses come and go in Northern Colorado this year. We have sadly seen many Colorado-owned and operated restaurants close their doors due to rising rental costs.

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We have also seen many large chains close their doors. For example, Bed Bath and Beyond went out of business in Fort Collins earlier this summer.

Many New Businesses Have Opened in Northern Colorado


The California burger chain In-N-Out opened in Loveland in November and had mixed reviews. One on hand, many of us in Northern Colorado were excited, but judging by what I heard and saw across social media, it doesn't seem like Northern Coloradans were too excited.

Co-workers have told me that the lines have not been very long. Think about it this way, a new In-N-Out opened in Idaho recently and people waited 30 hours in line.

And then we saw Casa Bonita open this year. There was over a month-long wait, and our friend Big Rob was able to go and said that the food was extremely disappointing.

There are a ton of restaurants popping up in Colorado, but there haven't been any that have been exciting. We reached out to you and here are the restaurants and businesses that Coloradans want to see.

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My Personal Northern Colorado Business Wish List


I have to be honest with you: I love food. I love Colorado-owned and operated businesses, but I also love fast food. It's a bit of a problem for me. I would love to see a Whataburger open in Northern Colorado.

I went to Texas once and ate nothing but Whataburger for an entire week. It makes In-N-Out look like it was made by a toddler.

There are a ton of locations by Colorado Springs, but I would love to see them in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and across Northern Colorado.

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