We regret to inform you may never see some of your McDonald's favorites again.

The fast food chain recently revealed it has no plans to bring back some of its previous menu items.

Why McDonald's Is Dropping Menu Items?

McDonald's a fairly predictable menu no matter what location you stop at any time of the year. Sure, the McRib is going to make its usual comeback or there is going to be a menu item with a promotional tie to some movie, but everything else genuinely stays the same.

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich
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There are, however, a few items that have been dropped over the years. SoYummy.com recently put together a list of McDonald's food diners miss the most. Leading those leading the way are Chicken Selects and the Big 'N Tasty sandwich.

While some on the list were a never meant for a long run on the McDonald's menu, the chain had high hopes for others.

The Street says McDonald's is dead set on not bringing back some of its most recently dropped items due to a lack of interest by consumers.

What Isn't Returning To The McDonald's Menu

McDonald's, like several other restaurant chains, has tried to capture the sector of the market that wants to enjoy burgers without eating red meat.

The rise in plant-based menu choices has been noticeable to just about anyone who frequently enjoys a meal out. Unfortunately for McDonald's, they may have found themselves on the wrong side of the trend.

McDonald's Debuts A McPlant Burger In Limited Markets
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An article recently published by The Street explains how McDonald's will no longer offer the McPlant burger "after it failed to capture the interest of customers."

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The plant-based burger was getting a trial run in multiple states, but it looks like it will not be a menu staple moving forward.

The McPlant isn't the only McDonald's menu item that is being scrapped. The Street also says the burger chain is going to stop selling salads at all locations.

Much like the McPlant, the reported reason salads will be going away is "low demand."

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