1923 star Brandon Sklenar just gave fans of the Yellowstone sequel something to look forward to. Prior to the 2024 Golden Globes, he was talking about working with Harrison Ford when he let a production update slip.

  • Season 1 of 1923 debuted on Paramount+ in December 2022 and wrapped last February.
  • Season 2 was confirmed, but two Hollywood strikes delayed production.
  • Sklenar plays Spencer Dutton the early 20th century take on Dutton family matters.

Fans should take Sklenar's quote with a grain of salt, but given how little anyone is saying about shows beyond Yellowstone, a grain of salt may fill the tummy.

1923 Season 2 Update

Fox asked Sklenar about Ford, and the younger actor admitted he'd not worked on-screen with him yet. Fans know this to be true — much of his looks during Season 1 were filmed in Africa or Europe, while Ford was at the Dutton Ranch in Montana.

That will change during Season 2, however.

"I haven't gotten to act with him yet. I will in the last eight episodes, that we're about to start," he shares.

Did you catch that, "about to start"?

His castmates were pretty generous with photos from the set as they filmed Season 1, but so far nobody has shared anything to indicate he meant they'd start this week (we checked). It's plausible, as the Dutton Rules team believes filming for Season 5 of Yellowstone won't resume until May.

Yellowstone Season 5 Update

Variety revealed that "late spring" is the timeline to start filming the final episodes of Season 5 of Yellowstone. Creator Taylor Sheridan has several other shows to work with as well, including Tulsa King and Mayor of Kingstown. The latter is filming currently — that very well could leave a few months to shoot eight more episodes of 1923.

Expect Season 5 of Yellowstone to resume in November. This second half of the season will be the series' final episodes.

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