Scotty McCreery always suspected that his wife Gabi would make a great mom -- she's even a trained pediatric nurse -- but the singer says nothing compares to watching his wife take care of their newborn son, Avery.

"She's amazing. I mean, she's really a natural nurturer," McCreery gushes in a new interview with People. "Even when Avery is fussy and nothing in the world can calm him down, she's still so patient with him. I think she was born to be a mom."

Since welcoming baby Avery in late October, both McCreery and Gabi have posted glimpses of their family life on social media, and the singer looks truly smitten with his newborn son. Still, the singer is modest about his dad skills, saying that he didn't have much experience being around babies before Avery came along.

"I never liked to hold babies. I had a bad experience 10 years ago and since then I'd never picked one up again until Avery," he admits. "When it's your own child, it's like, 'Oh, okay. A lot more comfortable!' But even holding him the first time in the hospital, I was so afraid I'd break him."

McCreery says he was also "very nervous" about the first diaper change, but all in all, things went pretty smoothly once he jumped into dad mode. "It's not easy, but everybody's hanging in there," he sums up. "We're learning and we don't have it down pat, but every day it's getting a little better, for sure."

And in the meantime, the singer says, he's in awe of Gabi's abilities as a mother. "Just watching Gabi be a mom makes me love her even more," he relates. "He's our little miracle."

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