In the Bryan household, nobody is safe during the 12 Days of Pranksmas — not even Luke Bryan's pickup truck.

Bryan's wife Caroline posted video of Day 4 of Pranksmas on Monday (Dec. 19), and it's a doozy: She teamed up with the E3 Ranch Foundation to steal her country star husband's pickup truck and put it up for auction to benefit a charitable cause.

The video clip shows how it all went down, starting with a FaceTime call between Caroline and major league baseball player Adam LaRoche — the co-founder of the E3 Ranch — in which they plot to steal Bryan's truck.

"Alright Adam, here's Luke's truck," Caroline says, panning the camera over the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 as it sits parked in a garage at the couple's home. "It's yours for the taking."

Flash forward to the next day, when Bryan discovers his truck has gone missing — and starts poring over the security footage to try to figure out how it happened.

"Have y'all reported it stolen?" asks Bryan, visibly stunned.

"Somebody came in here and stole my pickup truck," he tells Caroline as she walks up to the scene.

"Is that flashlights, or guns? That looks like a girl, y'all," Bryan continues, staring at the security footage. Caroline never breaks character as she stands by, aside from one mischievous glance at the camera when her husband is looking in another direction.

Finally, Bryan learns that the missing pickup truck has been located — and as he watches video of where the truck has been found, the camera turns around to reveal LaRoche's smiling face. Immediately, Bryan realizes he's been pranked.

"It's nothing personal, buddy," LaRoche tells him. "Got stuck in Nashville, needed some wheels. So, thank you for letting me borrow that."

But that's not all: After coming clean about the staged burglary, LaRoche and Caroline successfully convinced Bryan to offer up his truck to a giveaway. Over on his social media, Bryan posted a video catching fans up on the prank and encouraging them to make a donation to the giveaway and enter for a chance to win the truck — for keeps.

"Adam LaRoche, with the help of my wife, stole my pickup truck, and now they've got a Luke Bryan pickup truck giveaway," he says drily. "So make sure you enter to win."

All proceeds from the truck giveaway go to the E3 Ranch Foundation, which works to support combat veterans, fight human trafficking and offer relief for worldwide humanitarian crises. In addition to the grand prize of Bryan's truck, entrants in the giveaway will be eligible for other prizes, including a second-place trip to Bryan's Crash My Playa festival in Mexico, and a third-place two-night trip to Nashville.

The Bryan household has once again opened up Pranksmas to fans this year, calling for video submissions of people pranking their loved ones. The Top 10 pranks will be featured on Caroline's social media, and they'll also receive a $200 Visa gift card. The Pranksmas Contest is open through Dec. 22.

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