Hardy and Lainey Wilson came together on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for their intense duet "Wait in the Truck." Although simple in its presentation, the performance sends a chill due to the nature of the lyrics.

Hardy opens the song stage right washed in blue light, while Wilson waits on the opposite side for her turn, as seen in the video below. The lights turn to red as she sings her side of the story.

Eventually, the two move toward each other as the song grows in emotion — the lights around them combining into a passionate purple.

It's not the first time the pair have performed the song together. They combined for a fiery performance at the CMA Awards in November, and Hardy and Wilson have also sung the track together on tour.

Hardy wrote the murder ballad "Wait in the Truck" alongside Hunter Phelps, Jordan Schmidt and Renee Blair. The song was born out of a conversation that started between Hardy and Phelps about what they would do if their significant others were ever attacked. It was inspired by the classic song "Ol' Red," which has been performed by countless artists, including George Jones and Blake Shelton.

"Wait in the Truck" shines light on a haunting topic of domestic abuse. The music video follows suit with the chilling tale, featuring Hardy and Wilson personifying the characters depicted in the lyrics.

Hardy is hot off the release of his new album The Mockingbird & The Crow, which arrived on Jan. 20. "Wait in the Truck" is track No. 3 on the project.

Wilson dropped her album Bell Bottom Country in 2022 and is currently on the road on her Country With a Flare Tour, which runs through March 31.

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