It’s official: Garth Brooks is ready to revive his rock star alter-ego, Chris Gaines.

During an extensive Q&A interview at Billboard Country Live: In Conversation, the country star confirmed his intentions to release more music as the controversial character.

The 1999 album Garth Brooks… In the Life of Chris Gaines was meant to serve as a companion album to a feature film called The Lamb, which featured Brooks in the fictional lead role of Gaines, a troubled rock musician.

The Lamb never made it to theaters, leaving many listeners to assume In the Life of Chris Gaines was just a confusing, one-off project.

During Wednesday’s (June 7) interview, Brooks explained how the record was actually created as a compilation of songs from five of Gaines' fictional records. Twenty-four years later, Brooks says he's still determined to bring those conceptual albums to life.

“The five albums have to come out,” he told the audience.

”I don’t know if it's because I'm 114 years old," he jokes, "but now everything takes three hours more than it took time to do before."

"The Gaines project was a lot of time put in, because it's not natural, right? You're acting on a record. But I want to do it ..."

Although continuing the Gaines project is still a high priority for Brooks, he’ll have to find time to head into the studio between performances at his Las Vegas residency and recording sessions for his upcoming duets album with Trisha Yearwood.

"I don't know when we're going to get to it, but it’s on the list that we're going to get done,” Brooks reiterates. "Five albums."

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