Some of the biggest stars in country music are no strangers to the romantic entanglements they sing about in their songs. Do you know which country singers have been married three, four, five and even six times?

Read on to see which stars married and divorced their young loves, and which ones have endured high-profile tabloid coverage after marrying other famous singers.

Do you know which country legend married the same woman twice? You'll find that on our list of the country singers who've been married the most times.

Given the drinking culture that surrounds country music, it's no big surprise that some of the stars who made the list had alcohol as a contributing factor to some of their difficult marriages, and infidelity also played a role in some of the high-profile breakups.

One country star married and divorced several other prominent musicians before finding lasting love with someone outside of the business, racking up a total of six marriages.

Read on to see which country stars have been married the most times.

PICTURES: Country Stars Who've Been Married the Most Times

Love and marriage have inspired many country songs over the years, but some stars take it to extremes in their personal lives. Some of the greatest country singers have been married three, four, five and even six times!

Gallery Credit: Sterling Whitaker

13 Nastiest Country Music Divorces: RANKED!

This list of 13 messy country music divorces includes allegations of abuse, infidelity, drug and alcohol addiction and more. We've ranked them from least to most explosive — one or two feature abuse, infidelity AND substance abuse!

The dates listed for each of these messy country divorces is the date of separation.

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