Luke Bryan's wife Caroline faced an epic after-school pickup nightmare recently, when a bottle of Tito's vodka fell out of her car.

Of course, the bottle shattered on the ground, and on Instagram, Caroline gave fans the play-by-play of how she ended up in this situation. She was leaving the office and grabbed alcohol to share with friends she was hosting at the Bryans' house that evening.

"I put it in the backseat … forget about it all day," she recalls.

Three o’clock rolls around, and it’s Caroline's turn to pick up not just her two sons, but the neighborhood children, too.

"Kids start hoping in the car and I’m in the middle of the pickup line,” Bryan explains. “I’m around parents, teachers, students, everybody."

There was no hiding it — before Caroline knew it, the bottle of Tito's had slipped out of the car as the doors were being opened, crashing to the ground, right in front of a teacher.

Flustered, Caroline says she couldn't find words as the teacher came to aid her in cleaning up the broken glass. "I wasn’t thinking and I went … it’s liquor!" she exclaims.

"There’s no telling what these people think of me. I’m mortified."

All in all, Caroline took it like a champ, hoping other parents could find the fiasco relatable.

“I don’t always embarrass myself, but when I do, Tito's is typically involved," she admits in the caption of her video, asking fans to tell her their embarrassing stories to make her feel better.

Clearly, her "mom fail" moment found the right crowd: After hearing her story, fans took to the comments section of her video, sharing similar laughable failures as a parent.

Caroline is always quick to show the “messy” of being a mom, especially a "boy mom." Before her vodka debacle, she gave fans a little peek at what life with boys looks like. With a series of videos, she showed that life absolutely isn’t boring over there at the Bryan household.

“I’ve seen a lot of people doing the 'Boy moms add your boys'" she says of a recent social media trend. "Well … here’s a little view of mine."

"And yes … I include Luke as a child. Most days."

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