If you live in Utah, or you're looking to live in Utah, there are some rules that we follow here.

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Listen, we didn't make the rules in Utah, we just follow them. (giphy)

When people first come to Utah, they tend to be a little confused and can't tell which way is up. Why is a stranger waving at me? Where is the liquor aisle at the grocery store? And why are people wearing t-shirts under their tank tops? 

But after a while of dwelling in this strange and unique culture, they start to become acclimated to the way things work around here.

So grab your favorite mixed soda, take a seat, and feast upon the word of the almighty as it was dictated directly to us from on high.

But not too high. You can't get high. There's no getting high in Utah. Just wanted to throw that out.

The 10 Commandments Of Living In Utah

Thou shalt abide by these 10 commandments if thou dwellest in the land of Utah.
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Here are some slogans for the state of Utah that are more honest than the one we currently have.