If you're like me, you take great pride in our home state of Utah. Whenever Utah is mentioned on the national or world stage, we tend to take notice and we're very interested in what is being portrayed.

Of course, aside from having great places to go skiing, the vast majority of news stories and TV shows revolve around the aspects of Utah that are…unflattering.

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Utahns whenever a new show about polygamy comes out (giphy)

If it's a reality show, then it's about Mormon hypocrites, or about polygamy. If it's a scripted drama, it's about murder and polygamy. And if it's a comedy, then you guessed it… It's usually about polygamy.

We can't get too upset with TV producers whose job it is to find stories that will pique people's curiosity.

I mean think about it, nobody wants to see a show called "Stake Conference".

They need something exciting, something flashy, and nothing is more flashy and exciting than a guy trying to juggle more than one wife, or a bunch of people who pretend to be perfect but are actually very very flawed and straight up. Crazy.

Whether we like it or not, these are 10 TV shows that were set in the state of Utah.

14 TV Shows That Take Place In Utah

Here are 10 TV Shows that were set in the state of Utah
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