Believe it or not, there are a ton of outdated, silly, and straight-up strange laws that are still on the books in the state of Colorado. I mean, I'm fairly certain that you will believe it since this is a topic we've covered quite frequently here. No matter how many of these oddball laws you find, someone always unearths even more rules that seem to serve no other purpose than to make you scratch your head. It's almost like a weird form of Whack-a-Mole.

Not all strange laws are created equal, however, and some make more sense than others. You can see the logic, for example, behind the idea of not allowing people to ride a horse when they're intoxicated. On the other hand, how making moving boulders in Boulder a crime became anyone's priority will likely never make any sense. Today's examples of strange Colorado laws will be more like that second example because they're easier to find.

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You May Not Fire Catapults at Buildings in Aspen

In the same vein as the previously-discussed illegality of throwing snowballs, Aspen took the additional step of outlawing one of the most cutting-edge tools of military warfare, assuming of course we were still living in the Middle Ages. Ignoring the fact that a citizen conjuring a catapult more sophisticated than a bra is as unlikely as me being elected President (I'm running on a 'bribe me' platform), I'm fairly certain that attacking a building in any way is already a crime, making this an unnecessary waste of the written word.

In Denver, It is Illegal to Lend a Vacuum Cleaner to a Neighbor

I can only assume that this became law because the government was tired of all the lawsuits brought by people who lent their vacuum to their neighbor, only to have that neighbor refuse to return it. You might recognize these as the neighbors that kept Judge Judy in business. The only other option on this one is some kind of campaign against cleanliness, which I would be 100% against.

You Cannot 'Mutilate' a Rock ANYWHERE in the State of Colorado

I'm not entirely sure how you mutilate a rock, but it definitely sounds like something I'd want no part of. Still, I don't really understand the priorities that led previous Colorado lawmakers to feel the need to write something like this down. In all honesty, I'd guess that they wrote this law on an exceptionally slow day.

Thanks to Only in Your State for their diligent work in the field of chronicling strange laws. As always, if you find any head-scratcher laws that we haven't covered yet, let us know with AppChat!

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