Old Faithful, bison, bears, supervolcano, hot springs, fossil forest, and mud pots are all features of Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming.

These features are world famous, so much so, that millions of people each year spend their hard earned money to visit here.

One feature of the park that may not get the attention as much as these are the world class waterfalls. In particular the waterfall that's Yellowstone's tallest and one of the tallest in Wyoming, is named Silver Cord Cascade.

The waterfall was discovered in the 1870 by members of the Washburn Expedition, Samuel Hauser and Benjamin Stickney. When the explorers found the falls, they named it Silverthread Falls, but the USGS changed the name to Silver Cord Cascade in 1885.

The waterfall drops 1,200 ft, from Surface Creek and is known as a horsetail waterfall. Meaning, the falling water stays in contact with the rock surface most of the time. They are long and thin and resemble the tail of a horse.

Horsetail Falls
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There are a couple ways to physically see the waterfall, but they aren't going to be just an easy walk, the journey is a bit of a hike.

One way to fully see it is, if you take the Seven Mile Hole Trail, which is about a 10 mile hike, you can see the fall from across the canyon.

7 mile

Another option is by hiking from the Glacial Boulder Trailhead for about a mile. You'll be should be able to catch a glimpse of Silver Cord Cascade, but be aware of grizzly bears. They are known to frequent this area, so have bear spray and be careful.

If you're not able to make the hike, you can still see the falls, by checking out the video below.

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