This Saturday there is a new joint opening in town its called "The Clowder Of Cats Cat Lounge." It is a cat lounge where you can hang out with cats and see if you are a good match. It is a place adoptable cats from Claws can mingle with their potential new owners. They will have eight adoptable cats hanging out so you will be able to see if you and the cat or going to get along.

I did not know I was such a cat lover until I actually got a cat to get the mice. Then at about 8 months old my cat had kittens I had no idea they could have babies so fast. They are all fixed now with good homes. I have three cats and now cats just show up at my house. I feed them and try to catch them to get them fixed.

2470 Patterson Road. Grand Junction

It does cost to get in a $3 to $5 entrance fee with a veteran discount.



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