Someone actually got a National Day right.

The Monday after we "spring forward" into Daylight Savings time is nationally recognized as National Nap Day.

I like to show support for many of these days, buying doughnuts for national doughnut day, for example. So today is no exception, but getting the boss to go along with my need to truly recognize these days are another thing entirely.

We here at Townsquare Media support many of these types of days, and always making sure you are aware of them. But if we're going to support something like this, we have to be aware of our surroundings.

Having a co-worker who understands and appreciates the need to do the things national days expect is quite helpful. Acting as lookouts they can let us know when our nap is "over".

As far as national days are concerned, that lost hour needs to be made up or calamity could ensue. And no one wants that and besides, if I don't get my nap I get cranky.

Get your nap today and be thankful someone understands.

Just don't tell the boss.

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