There is a fascination with railroad tracks and trains that go back to the first days of railroading.

Looking at trains or walking the tracks as a shortcut or to clear your head and do some thinking all sounds like a good idea. Did you know it's illegal in many places?

There has been an upswing in railway accidents due in large part to more pedestrian traffic along the tracks. People taking pictures, such as senior portraits using the rail yard or tracks as a backdrop may look awesome, but there's one problem -- it's most likely illegal.

Railroad tracks are considered the property of the rail line. Taking pictures or strolling along the tracks could get you arrested, as it's considered trespassing.

Railroad tracks are designed for trains, not people. When there's a confrontation between the two people lose. Every time.

Considering that trains take a whole lot longer to stop than trucks or cars, it's unwise to put yourself into a position where you have to try and avoid a hard-charging train that weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Operation Lifesaver was created to help educate people on the dangers of railroad track incursions, in an effort to reduce the injuries and fatalities associated with illegal entry into railroad property.

Bottom line, it's not safe along the tracks and it's illegal.

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