Does this sign hit the nail right on the head? Students at Grand Mesa Middle School in Grand Junction see this every time they walk out of the band room. From where I sit, this sign says it all.

The sign speaks of HEART, which is broken down as:

  • Honor
  • Excellence
  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Trust

The three elements that really appeal to me are the last three letters - A.R.T.

One of the things one learns in their post-academic career is the value of attitude. All the learning in the world won't do you any good in the outside world if your attitude is out of whack.

We could all give, and certainly receive, a little more respect. Showing proper respect will serve a person well throughout their journey.

The one I really love is Trust. We live in a cynical society and trust is sometimes hard to find. In a world full of "no" and "avoid", a little "trust" can go a long way.

From time to time I rehearse with the Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra in this school's band room. Every person in that band is a music teacher with the exception of me. They probably see signs like this ever day. For someone coming in from off the street, these words are a great reminder.

Perhaps messages like this are in order for the adult crowd. Wouldn't this look good in your workplace? Sure, we all see the motivational posters, but those don't always convey as clear a message. Could you use a message like this where you work?