How do you eat your corn on the cob? Side to side, up and down or do you shave it off with a knife?

Real corn lovers seem to think there is a certain way to eat corn and a certain way to butter your corn. Some people slather their butter with bread others roll it around on a plate. Some just dip there corn in butter.

I personally love to eat corn on the cob up and down with a ton of butter and salt. I also cook it in the microwave in the husk. That seems to be the simplest way to eat corn. Still, others say the best way to eat therecorn is barbeque style.

It's harvest time through September where workers will be in the fields picking corn in Olathe, Colorado.

Apparently, this is the best corn because of the climate hot days and cool nights. The corn is so popular there is even an Olathe Sweet Corn Festival, which kicks off in August.

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