This is all about travel etiquette, is reclining in your airplane seat wrong? The reason I bring this up is that there is a video going viral because one lady one an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Charlotte was reclining her seat when the guy behind her decided to punch the back of her seat because he didn't want her to recline.

I will admit I have no idea the back story before this video was taken, it's possible the passenger who was hitting the seat had already asked the reclining passenger politely to not recline. Because I was not there I have no idea, but I will say that punching the back of a seat seems like something a little kid would do.

To me, it seems like these two adults could have had a civilized conversation to resolve this issue but instead one decided to punch the seat and the other decided to document things for social media exposure. They both are in the wrong if you ask me.

I've had something similar happen on a flight where a passenger in front of me decided to recline their seat which made it difficult for me to work on a laptop I brought on the flight. Instead of acting like a kid, I decided to put my laptop aside and took a short nap. It didn't need to be an argument. While it was a little inconvenient for me at that moment I felt that with the reclining option available it was their choice to recline their seat and it didn't need to ruin my day. Plus, anytime you can get in a quick nap, it's always a good day.

What do you think? Is reclining your seat on an airplane rude and wrong to do?

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