According to the Nuclear Tracking Center, YES! Is this TRUE or just another way to get money from you?

One of my listeners sent me a message saying,

Well, you didn't hear this on any media, but NOTE where Grand Junction is.

The link she sent took me to a site that claims Grand Junction is one of the targets for a Nuclear attack and was under a:


But when I tried to track down more info about what exactly that meant on the website it proved VERY elusive.

Today our Nuclear status has been downgraded to:

RADCON 3 Elevated

You can see a complete map and current Radon status for areas that are believed to be targeted here:

I was however able to find how you can become a member where for a low monthly fee they will send you:

RAMs and access to charts and historical data.

Not sure what good that's gonna do me in case of a Nuclear attack but . . . .