According to a WalletHub studyColorado easily breaks the top 20.

Colorado came in at number 13 in a study to determine the hardest working states in America. It also came in at number four for the lowest average leisure time spent per day. All in all, Colorado ranked 15th for average workweek hours.

Even crazier, Colorado also ranked 18th in workers who hold multiple jobs.

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Now, we've all heard of burnout and hustle culture. In America, people are almost praised when they are so busy there literally aren't enough hours in the day. Every interest and hobby is encouraged to become a side hustle. Every waking moment is encouraged to be profitable.

How unhealthy is this really for society?

In the WalletHub study, they found that Americans leave nearly half their paid time off unused. This shows that priority is put on work and not recovery.

The American Psychological Association found that performance is actually helped by taking short breaks. Detachment on weekends and workweek nights is just as important as your small five-minute breaks throughout the workday.

Engagement and enjoyment in the job are both huge benefits to giving yourself separation from your title. Having things that bring you joy that you don't do purely for profit is just as important as the work you do for a paycheck.

The APA encourages a mental shift in the American workforce towards making breaks the priority. While job performance is obviously important, in order to be productive and perform well in your station, the priority has to be mental rest and wellbeing.

So, take those five minutes to flip through Instagram. Go on a hike over the weekend. Grab dinner with coworkers when the day is done. It will only lend itself to a better you and a better job when the workday rolls around.

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