The American Bison is one of the most mesmerizing animals on the planet. Their size, strength, speed, and physical features are incredible.

At the end of September every year, the public is invited to an event just across the Wyoming state line at Custer State Park in South Dakota for the Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival. During the roundup, the Cowboys and Cowgirls round-up and drive the nearly 1300 bison to make sure the herd is strong and healthy, then the crew remains working the herd for the next month.

Bison have lived in the area since 1914, well before the park was established. Through the 20s, 30s, and 40s when the herd got too big, the herd was rounded up and the excess number of bison were put on the meat market and the meat was even sent to the troops overseas during WWII.

In 1965 the park started doing an annual roundup began so the park could maintain the herd. If the herd were to get too big, they would overgraze the grasslands to the point nothing could live there, including elk, deer, and antelope.

If you've ever made the trip to the park in South Dakota, you know there's a really good chance you're going to be stopped in a Bison Jam. I've driven through this area many times and been stopped by the massive beasts, almost every time. So to be able to save fuel in your vehicle, grab your lawn chair, relax and have a front-row seat to the event is pretty cool.

Traditions like the roundup keep the old west alive and the event is so popular that nearly 20,000 will visit the park during the weekend each year. Check out this video from YouTube user South2South to see exactly what goes on and maybe you'll want to plan to check it out next year.

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