The news was reported last week that In-N-Out Burger is finally coming to Colorado. Should Grand Junction be getting ready for one?

I say a big, fat yes on getting an In-N-Out Burger restaurant here in Junction. Reports are that not only will a new location be opened here in Colorado, but a distribution center is to be built in Colorado Springs. Which means a lot of jobs for Coloradans. And of course, yummy burgers for us!

As of now, the plan is to open the first location in Victory Ridge (Colorado Springs) with one too soon follow in Denver. But, what is exciting is that the company has stated that it will open approximately 50 stores statewide in Colorado.

So, back to my original point. Let's make Grand Junction the easiest choice for a place to open an In-N-Out Burger. Where would be an ideal location? Does someone have some land that is comparable to hosting a restaurant like this? Remember, it's all about location.

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