Several months of investigation have resulted in a major drug bust in Delta County.

$3 Million Drug Bust

On Monday, multiple law enforcement agencies converged on two locations in Delta and seized about 1,800 mature marijuana plants with an estimated value of $3 million. According to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, evidence indicates the illegal drug grow was being operated by an Asian Cartel.

Search warrants had been obtained for the properties at 4490 Sundown Road and 126 Meeker Street in Delta following several months of investigation. The operation yielded the discovery of an illegal drug grow, illegal firearms, and the arrest of multiple suspects. Investigators believe this Asian Cartel cell is responsible for several illegal marijuana grow sites in western Colorado and throughout the country.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Suspects Previously Had Charges In Mesa County

Two suspects were arrested on federal warrants including  36-year-old Sang Bang, and 34-year old Quiongqion Lin. Both men were jailed in Mesa County where they face charges in connection with another illegal drug grow in Mesa County.

Delta County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Delta County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
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Drugs Lead To More Crime

Delta County Sheriff Mark Taylor says there are several groups like this one, associated with illegal cartel organizations, that have moved into local communities over the past few years to illegally grow and sell marijuana. He said, "These operations also bring in other crimes to the county such as credit card fraud, illegal narcotic distribution, and more."

Multiple agencies were involved in Monday's drug bust including the Delta County Sheriff's Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the 7th Judicial District Drug Task Force.

Only time will tell how many more illegal drug operations will be uncovered in western Colorado, but two of them have been put out of business.

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