The Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General made several visits to ICE detainment facilities in Colorado as well as other states and found the conditions there to be intolerable.

Rotting food, moldy and broken bathrooms, and what the agency is doing at these facilities could be violating the rights of those being detained.

The visits were not announced and when the inspectors arrived at the facilities they were shocked. Nooses were found hanging in various cells, plus inadequate medical care as well as, in places like Aurora, Colorado's facilities, families are not allowed to visit.

The tightening of the US/Mexico border has resulted in the most arrests and detainments in over a decade. Border patrol agents arrested 132,887 immigrants last month with many of them children and single adults.

While they understand the problem, the agency states it is underfunded. As such, President Trump has asked for an additional $4.5 billion for additional space.

Aurora Congressmen Jason Crow was quoted as saying:

"We can no longer afford to allow ICE to operate in the shadows. What has happened at the detention facility in Aurora is part of a far larger systemic problem."

While the issues in Colorado were not as heinous as other places, they still need to be fixed.

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