Just because there is snow and ice around Colorado, doesn't mean you can't go fishing. Grand Junction isn't missing out on any catches.

After seeing your ice fishing pictures, I'm thoroughly impressed. You can catch all types of fish while ice fishing, just look.

Here are Grand Junction's ice cold and nice and bold catches, all caught while ice fishing:

Whenever I saw this picture, my jaw dropped. This Northern Pike looks like it's about the same size as the little kid who caught it. Zack Allen says they caught this Pike at Harvey Gap. I told Zack that Pike is on my fishing wishlist. (Fish that I'd love to catch.)

Speaking of my fishing wishlist, this beauty is definitely on there. Tyler Morris from Western Anglers caught this gorgeous Cutthroat Trout on the Grand Mesa. Since he is a fishing guide, I wonder if he'll take me there. Please?

These are some more nice and cold catches from Tyler Morris and Jacob Kindsvatter:

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