I've always been told that if you want to be avoid being bitten by a rattlesnake you need to watch the trail where you walk. If a new video is to be believed, you might also want to check the trees.

A new video was captured by a dad and daughter as they were walking by a tree. That funny looking leaf is a big ole rattlesnake.

Imagine this fun exchange between father and child which was documented on the YouTube share:

It was about 30 minutes after sun up while we were hiking when Gabby spotted the rattler up in the tree a hundred or so feet away. She asked me if that was a snake as I responded with, 'yes that is a rattler!

While it's not exactly common to find rattlesnakes in trees, it does happen. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (because of course it's snakes in Texas) shared a fun video a couple years ago of not just rattlesnakes in trees, but dancing rattlesnakes in trees.

The Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute says that timber rattlesnakes have been seen in trees at a height of 80 feet and above.

Personally I believe the snakes aren't playing fair anymore. It's one thing to deal with them on the ground and under rocks. Trees seems like one too many places.

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