A dog survived 96 days on his own outside Buena Vista, Colorado. Apparently,  Kari Yarbrough was heading back home to Colorado Springs on Oct. 22 when she was involved in a car crash outside Buena Vista. She had a warrant for failing to appear was taken to jail. When she was released she says she found out her dogs had been placed by authorities in a nearby yard. Unfortunately, her dog Prince escaped.

Kari Yarbrough with the help of a friend set out to find the dog all winter

For the entire winter, Kari with the help of a friend followed sightings throughout the area. After more than three months they were able to capture Prince who had lost 25lbs and both pet and owner are reunited. A woman's best friend is her dog.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up if you would like to help. The two women spent a lot of money trying to rescue the dog.

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