A winter storm is expected tonight and tomorrow in the area around I-70 in Eagle, and it could bring over a foot of snow.

According to Vail Daily, the National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for Eagle County and its surrounding areas. The advisory is in effect from 2 p.m. today (February 21) through 11 p.m. Friday.

Eagle snowfall
National Weather Service

So, how much snow are we talking about? According to the National Weather Service, six to 14 inches are expected. Snow may slow down a bit Friday morning, but don't get used to it. The storm is expected to pick up again Friday afternoon.

Snow developing in the mountains this afternoon, heaviest along and south of I-70 Corridor.- NWS Boulder

How about the temperature? There seems to be a little debate. Today's high was projected to be a toasty, blistering 18 degrees. As of 4:03 p.m. today, the high temperature in Eagle County sat at 25 degrees. That's swimming weather! No, it's not. How about the low? Tonight's low is expected to hit 14 degrees.

There is some good news; winds will be light. That's the good news. Here's something interesting. Thunder is possible during the day on Friday.

Be careful if your adventures require you to travel the I-70 corridor through Eagle County. Plan ahead. Six to 14 inches of snow is nothing to take lightly. For that matter, no amount of snow, regardless of how little, should be taken lightly. Be safe.

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