One husband, gently used. That's what you'll find at a Western Colorado classified ad page on Facebook. How much would you pay?

It just so happens the asking price is $75. I'm not entirely sure what the Blue Book value on husbands is nowadays. I've never been married, so I don't even know my own worth.

The ad was posted Monday on Western Slope Classified Ads on Facebook. A good 50% of responses are in the negative. Some people claim to have already owned three similar models over the years and are not in the market for another. Others have found inspiration in the ad, and consequently, put their husbands up for sale, too.

The price of $75 must be fairly cheap where husbands are concerned. Comments on the post have people asking what's wrong with him.

Get yours today! Deals like this don't come around every day. One has to wonder if the husband is even in on the gag. If he isn't, well, then.... sorry, dude. If he is, he's a good guy for going along with the gag.

I contacted the woman, and she insists it is all in good fun.

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